Our Founder, Simone Goss!


She started this organization because she herself was a teenage mother. Having her son at 15 came with a whole set of challenges. She was a single teen parent and in foster care. She was judged, talked about, and told that she would be nothing more than a statistic.


She was blessed to have met an Amazing women Frances Canty who was her Foster Mother. Mrs Frances was her support system. She raised her as if she were he own child. She always pushed Simone and emphasized that education was key and her life wasn't over because she had a child, and that she could be a Success story.


  Her ultimate goal was to Prove the world wrong. Because of the obstacles, trials and triumphs Simone went through, makes her more than qualified to guide teen moms to reach their full potential though Our program. Providing them with the tools needed to be Great Moms and triumphant Women. From Statistic to Success.    

A Message from our Founder

Simone Goss Speaks on Don't 4Get  Me