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What is Don't 4Get Me?


What is Our Purpose?

Teen pregnancy is a huge epidemic amongst our young girls, with nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies a year. Most teen moms are plagued with single parenthood, poverty, incomplete education, domestic violence, low self esteem and depression. 

Don't 4Get Me The Frances Canty Foundation, is a 501c 3 Non-Profit Organization, that was built and geared towards helping, empowering and motivating Teenage Mothers to reach their full potential as mothers, women, and tomorrow's  future leaders.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to uplift, inspire and encourage teen mothers through mentorship and events. Our long term goal is to empower these young ladies to reach their full potential as responsible adults and ensure that they evolve from “Statistics” to Success.


We Love What We Do

Supporting Teen mothers! Shaping and molding them to not only be Awesome Mothers BUT to become Successful Women!! There is no better feeling!


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